Visiting My cousin the Best Electrical Contractor in London

Okay where do I begin, well this weekend has been quite eventful I planned to visit in London a while ago and to be honest it wasn’t a bad trip.

Mind you I did spend loads like and talking around £600 on a weekend that’s very out of the ordinary for me. But I did have a good time. I visited my cousin Steve and my auntie. They invited me to come down around maybe two months ago, I kept putting the trip off. But this weekend I finally made it and I’m glad I did.

Stephen and I are soo close, we grew up together. Although we live so far apart we still have a close connection. We are similar in many ways, but he is so different from me, quite successful actually and is very boastful with it to. He calls himself the best electrical contractor London. Well, I have to probably agree even though I don’t live in London but he is quite meticulous when it comes to anything he does. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he has no negative reviews. Because is so kind and courteous to everyone that he meets. Him being the operations manager of Current Electrical & Audio Visual he is quite the office girl now as he doesn’t spend much time on the tools.

Anyway back to my really crazy weekend. Actually the start of it wasn’t crazy, it was quite a touristic break to be quite honest. Even though I did spend and get some bargains for example I visited the free National Museum just off Trafalgar Square. I visited the famous Carnaby Street and visited a great Chinese place called cha cha moon. The food there is something to shout about.

If you don’t live in London then you really do have to go out and spend like a tourist like you’re never going to come back to London again. Because you spend on items that can’t get in the local area so I did take advantage and spend rather big in comparison to what I normally would.

The night life in London is something to be envied. I visited China White club. the ladies there were sooo beautiful. I was mesmerised all night with the bumping music and the ladies twerking it was amazing.

I did not want to return home. Thankfully, Stephen gave me a lift to the coach station and I caught my coach honestly I was trying to miss my coach so I could spend another night in London. 100% If I can come back soon it would be too long.

New technology – Remote controlled heating


Ok well that video was a little joke of how you can set up your home heating. but read what I have below about smartly controling the temperature of your home.

When you have a heating system in your home, it is often convenient to be able to control it no matter where you are. This is the reason why most people have since started installing remote controlled heating. Following are some ideas of why remote controlled heating is important.

You need remote controlled heating to help manage energy costs in the home. There are times when you leave the heating on in your house. When you’re not there, or other people are not in the house, the system is still working. You’ll have the heating system keeping the water hot. It will also regulate temperatures when you don’t need them on. This adds up to increased energy costs in the home. Having the ability to control heat from a remote location, you’re able to reduce energy costs in the home. You do this by lowering the heat, or stopping hot water when you’re not at home.


The ability to have control over your heating system allows a simpler lifestyle. There are times when you need heavy use of the heating system, other times when it is not needed. This need increases through the day, and through the week. Due to the various circumstances faced in a home filled with different individuals, having control over the heating system allows for optimum use. That means, when everyone is not at home during the week, you can reduce the use of the heating system. When everyone is home during the weekend, you can optimize the heating system.


There are times you find yourself not at home when you’d expected to be at home in the evening. Instead of panicking about the heat system that was on all day, you can control it on the phone, turn it off or lower it to your ideal level. Other times, you’re anticipating guests, or even arriving at home for a hot shower. Before you reach the house, you can turn on the heat, and allow the water to heat. This feature is useful for those who go on vacation. When you want to return home, you can turn up the heat in preparation for arrival. Remote controlled heating offers the ability to be self-sufficient and flexible.

Affordable Options

The supply of the heating system installs the equipment that enables remote controlled heating. The most convenient and affordable option is remote controlling the heat through an application on your phone. The phone is in your possession at all times. You don’t have to purchase a gadget to afford you this ability. You simply install the application on your existent phone, and you’re able to manage the heating system in the house. Another affordable way is to log on to the heat system supplier’s site. They’ll often have equipment installed that allows you to get an account online.


The comapny most advance in this aspect of technology is British gas but my good friend Micheal Carpy greenwich plumber, extrodinaraire claims he is is contracted by British gas to install these heating systems. This is a blatant plug for him but I hope this helps him as he moved down to London and has been doing great ever since.

What is a Combination Boiler?

I am thinking of upgrading my boiler and to get my head around the information I have basically written a little about combination boilers. To further understand and how they work and so I can eventually  choose the best one for my needs.

Combination boilers are used more frequently to heat houses in the modern age. They offer a better system of heating water and the house. Their system is readily available with little waiting time. Their appeal is also the easier installation size. They’re manufactured in one solid piece that reduces the amount of space needed for a boiler. You’ll find them placed in cupboards, in kitchens, sometimes in the basement. They’re very useful in homes that don’t have ample space to waste. They come in different types of sizes. It is not difficult to find the right size to fit the space in your house.

They’re called combination boilers because they heat water in an efficient manner. The owner of the house is able to save energy costs. The combination boilers also act as the house’s central heating. The features of this type of boiler are combined, which gives them the unique features of heating both the house and the hot water used in the house.

Combi boiler


  • The combination boiler saves space needed in the house. This ability to save space makes them quite attractive to most people living in apartments, or townhouses. There is not much space in the house. When it comes to installation of this product, it uses a small space allowing the owner of the home to use the space for other things. The owner is able to tuck in the product in a closet keeping it out of sight. Their compact nature contributes to the decor of the house. The owner is able to handle their interior design concerns without worrying where they’ll place the combination boiler.
  • The second appeal of this type of boiler is the ability to keep highly pressurized hot water in the tap. Since the water is centralized to one tank, you’re able to have increased pressure in the tap. This also means more than one person can use the hot water in the house. In cases where the pressure from the main tap is low, you’re able to avoid feeling the pinch of slow moving water with this type of boiler. The combination boiler comes in different sizes. It is essential to determine the numbers of bathrooms are in a house, how many taps go into use. Once the owner knows the size of the house, they’re able to purchase the right sized combination boiler. This means that no tap will run dry in the house.
  • The downside to having this type of boiler is that the water might need time to heat. This wait can frustrate many, but the wait is worth it because the water comes in a pressurized manner. Other times, you’re worried because the water ends faster if more people are using the water at the same time.

I’m going up to glasgow to meet my mother I see her every weekend and one of her close friends is a plumber I think I might pick his brain about my findings and see if there are any further tips I can take from him. bu the way If you are based in Glasgow and you need a plumber check out the best boiler installers in Glasgow That what my mother says anyway I hope its true because I’m taking information from him. I hope he WOWs me as they are called WOW Plumber, so I’m expecting big things